UPDATED: SMS_OFFER_STATUS_SUMMARIZER / offersum.log / offersum.box

Seit kurzem taucht bei manchen (vielen? allen?) SCCM-Sites folgendes Problem auf:
  • im Site-Status läuft der SMS_OFFER_STATUS_SUMMARIZER auf Fehler 4515: "Unable to initialize the summarizer. The returned error code is -2."
  • entsprechend findet sich im offersum.log folgende Einträge: "
    —->: Tally 00011280001F2000. New Start Time: 12/01/2007 00:00:00, New Expire Time: 12/08/2007 00:00:00
    —->: An exception was raised: Unspecified error            
    Warn>: Could not initialize the summarizers properties
  • ein Backlog an svf-Files in der \Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\OfferSum.Box

Hier die offizielle Aussage von Microsoft dazu:

" *********************************************************

Microsoft is aware of the offer status issue affecting System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM) customers. 
The typical symptom is that offer status is no longer processed and .SVF files begin to backlog in the \inboxes\offersum.box folder on a site server.
Offersum.log shows entries similar to the following are noted:

—->: Tally 00011280001F2000. New Start Time: 12/01/2007 00:00:00, New Expire Time: 12/08/2007 00:00:00
—->: An exception was raised: Unspecified error
Warn>: Could not initialize the summarizers properties.

This issue came about starting December 1, 2007 due to an incorrect date calculation in the Offer Status Summarizer component and will affect all SCCM sites (both evaluation and licensed RTM version).
There are currently no supported workarounds to this issue. 
Some customers have reported modification of the Site Control file have made the issue appear to go away, but this is not supported and the long term ramifications currently unknown.
A hotfix for this issue is under development at the highest priority. 
The current plan of record is that once built and tested, the fix will be made available via the hotfix self-service portal so that a call to CSS will not be required to obtain it. 
Further information, including the KB article number, how to obtain the fix, and all relevant detail, will be sent back out to the community when ready. 
Any changes to the release plan and any schedule updates will be communicated as well.


Sobald es Neuigkeiten gibt werde ich diese bloggen.

UPDATE: hier eine nächste Info von Microsoft:

"Good evening all,
Please don’t light up the phones to support quite yet, but the hotfix for this issue has been built and tested. This is a long note but I wanted to cover the details for you all. KB945898 is the article to reference, it is not quite live yet as we’re finishing review, but I’ll cover the highlights below.

Within the next 1-2 hours (should be no later than ~9:30PM EST tonight) the fix will be available via a call to support to have them send you the hotfix.
Simultaneously we’re releasing this to the download center, but that could take another 24 hours.  If that release estimate changes in either direction I will again let you all know.

Fix info:
– Once the KB is live, and the bits are available for download, the KB will be updated to reflect the link to the download location.
– Standard site server hotfix, the only file changed is offersum.dll
– No reboot or site reset required, though you will be prompted to stop SMS Executive (if you choose not to stop sms_Exec there could be a possibility of prompt for reboot)
– The hotfix can be uninstalled
– If you choose to make a copy of offersum.dll before applying the fix ~don’t~ rename the current one as that will prevent the fix from installing properly.  Just make a copy somewhere.
– Backlogged messages should start processing almost immediately after the fix is done (or if this was a new install after December the offersum.box will now be created).

Additional note:
– If you are watching the offersum.log file after the fix, you will most like see a log file entry which, quite frankly, is a little scary, and repeated often.
Fortunately, this entry is ~completely~ benign:
Invalid time for offer ‘AdvertisementName’ with message MessageID from client ClientName.
I’m trying to make sure we clarify this log entry in the KB article but will try to explain here too:
– For any given status message we look at the time in the file, and compare it to the start time of a summarization interval (also known as the Display Interval in the console).  Display Interval is the place where you set the time frame for what status message summaries to view, i.e. "Since 12:00:00AM","Since Sunday", etc.
– Since we all have backlogged status messages, many of them fall outside of intervals that would be displayed.  A message from December 3 would not be processed in the interval that represents "Since 12:00:00AM" (implied December 5) for example.
– There are multiple different intervals, and for each one that a message falls outside of it will log that error.
– Again, completely benign and expected in our current situation.

Thank you all again for your assistance here, and your patience as well."

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